Ending Racism Grant & Scholarship Fund

Ending Racism Grant & Scholarship Fund

Empowering leaders for social change.

We believe with enough pebbles thrown into the pond, a ripple becomes a wave. We’re empowering individuals and communities to become more effective leaders in their circles of influence by providing scholarships and grants to vetted individuals and grassroots organizations who have taken the Pledge to End Racism. But our grant and scholarship fund works a little bit differently: 50% of each honoree’s funding will be dedicated to their personal project, while the remaining 50% will be given to another individual or organization identified by the honoree. Allowing each honoree to “take one and pass it down.” Each of us igniting another’s fire.

This is how we expand our mission impact: by creating a web of change and empowering leaders to not just support their own communities, but to support other leaders as well.

Grants and scholarships are awarded twice per year through an application process. Recipients are chosen by a board of advisors.

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