Apply below to be a part of this transformational program.

The 6-Month Program includes:

  • Official Certification Training with Justin Michael Williams 

  •  Potential to be hired by the Dream Bigger Academy and placed on our referral list of Master Instructors. 

  •  First-time opportunity to see the ins and outs of all of Justin's methods and practices so you can bring this into your own work.

  • Several deep-dive workshops with Justin digging into your shadow and developing your own mindfulness rituals.

  • Learn Justin's techniques and biz practices, so that you can THRIVE and take this into your own community.

  • A Teachers Only In-Person event in June 2022.

  • 9 Months of the Dream Bigger Transformation Collective Weekly Coaching (a $1,350 value) 
  • A 3-Month Teacher's Only Mentorship Deep-Dive Experience with Justin


After submitting the application, a member of our team will contact you within 2 business days to schedule an interview.

The demographic questions included with the application are designed to help us better understand the group we are serving so that we can create a safe and loving container for our community. 

You don't have to impress us. 

Thank you for your honest answers.